Applications Features Specifications
Automobile, heavy equipment, aviation, other - Accurate flow meter in wide flow range
- Adaptable to all acid alkaline fluids
- Excellent in high temperature / low temperature characteristics
- Compatible with special user specifications (specific gravity, viscosity)
- Body Material: PVC.TEFLON.Stainless Steel
- Flow Rate: Min 10cc / minRVmax1,400U min
- Operating Temp: -30 ° Crv250 ° C
- kcuracy: 0.2rv0.5%
- Output: 4rv2QmA, Qrv5VDC, RS232C, RS485, MODEBUS
- Connection Type: Female.Flange, Lock, Union, Teflon Standard
- Connection Size: min t "rv max 3/1"

Detailed Product Information

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